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Indiana University Bloomington

Fall 2015  @Work: The Nature of Labor on a Changing Planet


The following is a working list of courses approved for inclusion in Themester 2015. Course descriptions and links to listings in the Schedule of Classes will be added as they become available.

Themester Minor

Students may apply for an individualized minor in the Themester topic using some of the following courses as a foundation. Consult the Individualized Major Program for more information, including requirements and deadlines for application.

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African American and African Diaspora Studies

AAAD-A399 Labor, Race, and Ethnicity in Early 20th-century American Art and Photography (joint-listed with FINA-A 340) P. Wolfskill  | Description | Schedule

American Studies

AMST A100 What is America? From Acorns to Zombies V. Halloran | Description | Schedule
AMST-A 350 Work, Family, Community Action L. Frazier  | Description | Schedule


ANTH-P 330 Historical Archaeology: Working for a Living A. Sievert  | Description | Schedule


Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design

AMID-R 404 International Textiles and Apparel Trade M. Embry  | Description | Schedule


College of Arts and Sciences

COLL-C 104 Critical Appoaches - People and Animals*
L. Scheiber | Description | Schedule

Comparative Literature

CMLT-C 347 Literature and Ideas: Nothing Doing* J. Emery | Description | Schedule
CMLT-C 343 Literature and Politics: Migrants, Refugees, Cosmopolitans* A. Adesokan | Description | Schedule



ECON-E 390 Undergraduate Seminar - Race Against--or Race with--the Machine: Accelerating Technological Innovation* P. Olson | Description | Schedule


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Fine Arts - History

FINA-A 340 Topics in Modern Art - Labor, Race, and Ethnicity in Early 20th-century American Art and Photography (joint-listed with AAAD-A 399)* P. Wolfskill  | Description | Schedule



FOLK F252 Folklore and the Humanities - Work as Art: Occupational Folklore in the United States*
J. Kay | Description | Schedule



GEOG-G 441 Mobility I. Ashutosh | Description | Schedule


Germanic Studies

GER-E 121 Introduction to German Culture - Marx, Nietzche, Freud, Arent: Labor in Modern Thought* B. Robinson | Description | Schedule



HIST-E 200 Issues in African History - Making a Living: African Workers through History* M. Moyd | Description | Schedule

Hutton Honors College

HON-H 303 Interdepartmental Colloquia - Nothing Doing* J. Emery | Description | Schedule

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International Studies

INTL-I 300 Topics in International Studies - Global Human Trafficking* S. Korytova | Description | Schedule
INTL-I 425 Gender: International Perspectives - Women and Work* P. Bose | Description | Schedule

Liberal Arts and Management Program (LAMP)

LAMP-L 416 Work, Life, Law* J. Prenkert | Description | Schedule

Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures

SLAV -S320 Special Topics - Nothing Doing* J. Emery | Description | Schedule

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* Note: This course number has variable topics. Only this topic is related to Themester 2015.