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Indiana University Bloomington

Fall 2016  Beauty


Below is a working list of courses approved for inclusion in Themester 2016. Course descriptions and links to listings in the Schedule of Classes will be added as they become available.

Submitting Courses

Please send curricular proposals to by February 15, 2016. As always, do not hesitate to contact us ( with questions or for further information or see our frequently asked questions.  Submissions should include the following:

1. an introduction explaining how the course fits the theme or would be framed to do so,

2. a syllabus (preferred) or hearty description of the class, which includes learning outcomes, and

3. a one-to-two-paragraph course description that we can use for promotion to students. The description should briefly touch on how the course relates to Themester 2016.

Course instructors are asked to require their students to attend at least two Themester programs and encouraged to submit their own programming proposals.

Themester Minor

Students may apply for an individualized minor in the Themester topic using some of the following courses as a foundation. Consult the Individualized Major Program for more information, including requirements and deadlines for application.

A | F | J | M | P

Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design

AMID-R --- Exacting Beauty: The Beauty Industry, Fashion, and Body Image

S. Lennon   | Description   |  Schedule

AMID-F 340 History of Fashion

K. Rowald   |  Description   |  Schedule

AMID-F 352 Dress Studies: Aesthetic Analysis - Analyzing Beauty in Textiles, Dress, and the Body

H. Akou  |  Description  |  Schedule



ANTH -E 400 Fashion, Beauty, Power

B. Buggenhagen  |   Description   |  Schedule


AST-A 107 The Art of Astronomy

van Zee  |   Description   |  Schedule


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Fine Arts

FINA--- Perceiving Beauty through Attentiveness: Drawing at the IU Teaching and Research Preserve

M. MacLeish   |   Description   |  Schedule



FOLK-F360 The Beauty of Indiana Folk Art

J. Kay   |   Description   |  Schedule


French & Italian

FRIT-M 115 Il Viaggio Nella Belezza

K. Serafin   |   Description   |  Schedule

Jewish Studies

JSTU-J 300 The Jewish Body (Zadoff)

M. Zadoff   |   Description   |  Schedule



MATH-M 106 The Mathematics of Decision and Beauty

Description   |   Schedule


Media School

MSCH --- Beauty and Its Global Beholders: Bodies, Economies, Cultures, and Politics

R. Parameswaran   |  Description   |   Schedule



PHIL-P 270 Melancholy Beauty: Iconography, Perception, and Imagination

R. Wood   |   Description   |  Schedule

PHIL-P 347 Contemporary Controversies in Philosophy of Art

D. McCarty  |  Description   |  Schedule