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Indiana University Bloomington

Fall 2013  Connectedness: Networks in a Complex World

Exhibit: Geist und Form: Ten Painters from Berlin

Geist und FormWhen: August 30-October 11
Where: Grunwald Gallery of Art
See below for details and additional programming.

Departmental Sponsors:
College of Arts and Sciences - Themester, School of Fine Arts, College Arts and Humanities Insitute, Grunwald Gallery of Art

Organizers: Martha MacLeish, Jurriaan Benschop and Betsy Stirratt




This exhibition presents the work of ten Berlin based artists working in painting. It reflects the international character of Berlin as a European art capital, and includes artists from in Germany, United States, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, France and Denmark. Some of them, like Bernard Frize, Valerie Favre, Thomas Scheibitz and Mark Lammert, are very established Berlin artists.

This event focuses directly on the role of connectedness and community in the development of fertile grounds necessary for the rise of a cultural center. The importance of a geographical place of confluence of artistic ideas and expression has been important throughout history, and remains just as significant in our present time. Equally important to emphasis in this age of virtual experience is the need to engage with works of art directly.

Schedule (subject to change)

Friday, Aug 30
Grunwald Gallery
6:00-8:00 pm

Opening Reception

Friday, Sept 13
Radio/TV 251
5:00 pm

Lecture by curator Jurriaan Benschop.


Wednesday, Sept 18
Fine Arts 102
6:00 pm

 Lecture by artist Valerie Favre

Thursday, Sept 19
Chemestry 122
6:00 pm

Lecture by artist Michael Markwick

Friday, Sept 20
Geology 126

Lecture by artist Mark Lammert

Friday, Sept 20
Grunwald Gallery
7:00 pm

Panel Discussion moderated by curator Jurriaan Benschop



Pictured:  Thomas Scheibitz, GP120, 2007, Vinyl, spray and pigment marker on canvas