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Indiana University Bloomington

Fall 2015  @Work: The Nature of Labor on a Changing Planet

Themester Film Series

IU Cinema AuditoriumWhen: See schedule below
Where: IU Cinema

Events are free, but ticketed. See below for more information.

Departmental Sponsors: College of Arts and Sciences, IU Cinema



Film Schedule

Monday, Sept 22
7:00 pm

Babette's Feast (1987)
IU Cinema | trailer | IMDBbr /> Based on a short story by Isak Dinesen, Babette’s Feast  was the first Danish film to win the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and is considered a classic of the  “food film” genre.  A 19th century political refugee, Babette finds a home in an austere Danish village cooking for two elderly sisters. When Babette wins the lottery, she sets about repaying the sisters’ kindness with a feast. The film lovingly depicts the pleasures of food and the artistry of cooking. (35mm. 102 min. Rated G.)

Monday, Oct 13
7:00 pm

King Corn (2007)
IU Cinema | website | trailer | IMDB
In this genial but thought-provoking documentary, two college friends seek to understand the role that corn plays in American life first by growing it on an acre in Iowa and then by following their crop through the food system. With a light touch, the filmmakers demonstrate that the staple, the country’s most subsidized and most produced, permeates the American diet and exacts a price on the environment, public health and family farms. (HD. 88 min. Not Rated.)

Monday, Nov 3
7:00 pm

Like Water for Chocolate (1992)
IU Cinema | trailer | IMDB
The relationship between food and love is magically manifested in this sensual and sensuous fairy tale of a film, adapted from Laura Esquival’s novel.  A passionate young woman, frustrated in love by the strictures of family tradition, imbues the food she cooks with such strong emotion that it affects everyone who tastes it.  Touched by the Latin American magical realist tradition, the film is a sumptuous feast for the senses. (35mm. 105 min. Rated R. Contains profanity, nudity and sexual situations.)

Monday, Nov 17
7:00 pm.

A Place at the Table (2012)
IU Cinema | website | trailer | IMDB
50 Million Americans—1 in 4 children— are food insecure. They lack access to the food they need.  This documentary examines the problem in the United States, its consequences, and possible solutions.  The film examines the lives of three people struggling with food insecurity and interviews experts and activists, including sociologist Janet Poppendieck, chef Tom Colicchio, author Raj Patel, and nutrition policy expert Marion Nestle. (2K DCP. 84 min. Rated PG.)

Monday, Dec 1
7:00 p.m.

Big Night (1996)
IU Cinema | trailer | IMDB
“To eat good food is to be close to God,” Italian chef and immigrant Primo says. He and his brother Secondo have one last chance to save their failing New Jersey restaurant in a plan to impress famous bandleader Louis Prima.  This understated comedy celebrates brotherly love and uncompromising standards. Roger Ebert wrote that it “is about food not as a subject but as a language—the language by which one can speak to gods, can create, can seduce, can aspire to perfection.” (35mm. 107 min. Rated R. Contains profanity and sexual situations.)


All films listed here are free and open to the public, but require a ticket. Tickets are available in advance at IU Auditorium's Box Office and, if tickets remain, at IU Cinema 30 minutes prior to the scheduled screening.

If all tickets have been issued, the IU Cinema will recognize a standby line to seat additional patrons, if seats are available. See IU Cinema for more information on ticketing and parking.