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Indiana University Bloomington

Fall 2013  Connectedness: Networks in a Complex World

DISCUSSION: Networking: The Challenges and Opportunities of International Public Service

Valerie Plame Wilson, Former CIA agent

Valerie Plame WilsonWhen: Monday, November 11, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
: State Room East, IMU

Departmental Sponsors: The School of Global and International Studies, College of Arts and Sciences - Themester, Union Board

This student-focused event will provide undergraduates and graduates with the opportunity to hear directly from this professional who has worked in government service for an extended period of time about the importance (Where? When? How? With whom?) of networking in building a career in international service. Through informal dialogue with Associate Dean Maria Bucur-Deckard, and an extended Q and A with the attendees. Wilson will offer important insights into opportunities, challenges, as well a potential traps that young persons with a passion for public service face in building a career in this sector.  Among other foci, we will discuss the gender aspects of this process.  Come prepared to ask both direct and broad questions. 

As a covert CIA Operations Officer, Valerie Plame Wilson worked to protect America’s national security and prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Without warning, in 2003 she found herself at the heart of a political firestorm when senior White House and State Department officials revealed her secret status to several national journalists -- including a syndicated conservative newspaper columnist who published her name.

Additional Themester Event with Valerie Plame Wilson
Connectedness: Modern Intelligence and My Life as a Spy
When: Tuesday, November 12, 7:pm
Where: Alumni Hall, IMU