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Indiana University Bloomington

Fall 2017  Diversity Difference Otherness

2017 Themester Internships

Themester, an initiative of the College of Arts and Sciences, is pleased to announce several undergraduate internship positions.

What is Themester? Watch this video.


Previous Themester Intern Perspectives:

"Coordinating [the dessert and] discussion series was exciting. By participating in all these events I felt I got a taste—pardon the pun—of each of the guest professor’s fields of interest. I also got to talk about some academic hot topics and hear what my peers had to say about them."

"I am deathly afraid of public speaking. Themester has forced me to confront this fear. I started off small introducing a few films at the IU Cinema. In November, I took a step further and moderated a panel discussion. By the end of the semester, I felt comfortable presenting at the Themester conference."

"I learned the hard part isn’t merely asking good questions, but directing individuals so that they give you good, useful answers in the end."

"This internship definitely made me open my eyes to new concepts.  I learned so much by going to events and loved sharing what I had learned with my friends and family."

" I went to a lot of events that I would not have gone to had I not been an intern. I was challenged to think about things in different ways and to examine my values. I was exposed to many issues that I had not previously been aware of, and I learned about cultures that I previously knew little or nothing about."

 " I have always had a difficult time stepping out of my comfort zone and communicating with others. However, as the semester progressed, I learned to cope with these problems.  [The senior intern] provided me with tips on how to approach others for an interview.  This helped, and I gained confidence as the semester continued and as I noticed that people were eager to be interviewed."


Irish Dance Lecture Dessert & Discussion