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...from so simple a beginning, endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.
—Charles Darwin


Themester Home

Fall 2009   Evolution, Diversity and Change


The year 2009 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection and the first year of the College of Arts & Sciences Themester. The Fall 2009 Themester at the College will explore the scientific study of evolution and diversity, the political, social and legal controversies surrounding evolution, and the ways in which creative activity have drawn on the concept of evolution to explore diversity and change. Themester at the College is intended to foster innovation and collaboration, to inspire curiosity and discovery, and to enable intellectual synergies. By focusing on Evolution, Diversity, and Change we are highlighting not only the core conceptual framework for Evolutionary Biology but also the ways in which philosophy and religious studies, the social and psychological sciences, and the arts and humanities have developed paradigms of change and evolution.

For additional information about Themester, including future themes, please visit About Themester.

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