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Indiana University Bloomington

Fall 2014  Eat, Drink, Think: Food from Art to Science


The following is a working list of courses approved for inclusion in Themester 2014. Course descriptions and links to listings in the Schedule of Classes will be added as they become available.

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American Studies

AMST A100 What is America? From Acorns to Zombies V. Halloran  | Description | Syllabus | Schedule



ANTH A200 Bizarre Foods L. Brown  | Description | Schedule
ANTH E400 Food and Religion J. Bahloul | Description | Schedule
ANTH E421 Food and Culture R. Wilk  | Description | Schedule
ANTH E426 Coffee Culture, Production and Markets C. Tucker  | Description | Schedule
ANTH P332 Industrial Archaeology A. Sievert   | Description | Schedule
ANTH P380 Prehistoric Diet & Nutrition J. Sept   | Description | Schedule
ANTH P426 Problems in Zooarchaeology L Scheiber | Description | Schedule

Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design

AMID R308 Brand Management and Advertising Ashley Hasty  | Description | Schedule
AMID R492 The Famine Within in the Midst of Food Abundance Shannon Lennon  | Description | Schedule


Asian American Studies

AAST A300 A Cultural and Historical Analysis of Asian American Food: Fortune Cookies, Sushi and Spring Rolls K. Inouye | Description | Schedule

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CHEM C100 The World of Chemistry: Chemistry as Food (Intensive Freshman Seminar only) C. Reck  | Description | Schedule


Collins Living Learning Center

CLLC-L120 Edible Education 101 C. Ipsen  | Description | Schedule
CLLC-L 210 American Spirits: The History and Culture of Alcohol in the United States J. Seaver   | Description | Schedule


East Asian Studies

EALC E350 Tasting Food in Japanese -- Food, Language, and Linguistics N. Tsujimura  | Description | Schedule



ECON E309 Economics of Obesity G. Glomm | Description | Schedule



ENG L355 Novel Appetites: Eating and Meaning in Modernizing America J. Fleissner | Description | Schedule


FOLK F253 Foodways and Folklore of the United States B. Barker | Description | Schedule

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GEOG G220 Food and Poverty in America A. Babb | Description | Schedule
GEOG G306 Community Orchards & Gardens M Betz | Description | Schedule
GEOG G369 Geography of Food D. Knudsen | Description | Schedule
GEOG G478 Global Change, Food and Farming Systems R. Roy Chowdhury | Description | Schedule

Hutton Honors College

HON H241 Food for Thought P. Todd | Description | Schedule


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International Studies

INTL I 306 Food and Nationalism O. Kalentzidou | Description | Schedule


Liberal Arts and Management Program

LAMP L416 The Meat We Eat C. Weinberg | Description | Syllabus | Schedule

Political Science

POLS Y200 The Politics of What's for Dinner C. Barbour | Description | Schedule

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