Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology


When: October through December, 2018
Where: Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology (GBL) Menatoria Headdy Exhibit Hall, 423 N. Fess St. 

As part of the Indiana University 2018 Themester “Animal/Human,” and in collaboration with partnering scholars, the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology is proud to open their new curated exhibit that explores the animal/human connection from historic, archaeological, and Native perspectives.

A catalogue of items from the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology will be on display that speak to human/animal symbolism and representation in a variety of mediums.  Contemporary Native art and symbolism will also be featured in the exhibit to explore present-day animal/human connections and symbolism in Native practices and religion.

The exhibit is intended to plumb the depths of representation and symbolism that speak to human/animal connections in everyday practices, agency, and belief systems, and to stimulate imaginative thought and discussion about animal symbolism and representation in ritual, ethnogenesis, history, religion, and archaeology.

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"Animal-Human Connections in Indigenous America: A Panel Discussion”
Friday, November 2 at 4:00 p.m
Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology presents a panel discussion about how humans use and manage animals native to North America. Panelists include archaeologists and wildlife experts who look at past use and future sustainability of shellfish, dogs, deer and fish, among others. A reception to follow.