Co-curricular Proposals

Themester is meant to inspire discussion and reflection on important topics within and across disciplines. To this end, and to better leverage limited resources, multidisciplinary events and partnerships between departments and units are encouraged.

Please include the following in proposals:

  • a description of the proposed programming and how it links to the theme
  • a 100-200 word description for the purposes of promotion
  • any direct or indirect curricular connection
  • proposed date(s) and times
  • a detailed budget
  • the departmental or co-sponsoring unit’s financial contribution
  • amount of Themester funding required
  • any initiatives already taken with regard to the event
  • expected audience (specific disciplines/majors? campus-wide? general public?)
  • publicity efforts that will be undertaken by you or your department
  • the contact person for the proposed program
  • name and contact information of your fiscal officer

How to send your proposal

Submission: Please submit curricular proposals online in one PDF or Word document. Download a template from IU Box.

Co-curricular Deadline: Funding deadlines have passed. Non-funded proposals will be considered until June 1.