Explore the rich history of Themester

Themester was conceived as an opportunity to present a theme of importance each fall through an extended sequence of courses and special events. We announce the theme in advance during the spring, to build interest in the topic on campus and through social media.

Our topics are broad—they represent big issues all of us encounter throughout our lives. Themester offers a deep dive into these many-faceted issues. Since it began in 2009, Themester has offered focused inquiry into a variety of over-arching topics, including sustainability, labor, war and peace, behavior, foodways, networks, and beauty.

Explore the history of this innovative program, with descriptions of our previous themes.

Jason Jackson

Themester showcases the richness and diversity of the educational offerings and resources (especially the people) in the College of Arts and Sciences, promoting a cross-cutting view.

Ruth N. Halls Professor of Folklore and Anthropology