What is Themester?

What is Themester?

Themester is a program that combines academic courses, public lectures and exhibits, film showings and other events to engage students and the entire community in a collective learning experience about a timely—even urgent—issue.

Since it began in 2009, Themester has offered focused and multi-faceted inquiry into a variety of over-arching topics, including sustainability, labor, behavior, foodways, and beauty. While each discipline examines Themester topics in specific ways, the connections across disciplines suggest new ways of discovering knowledge and engaging in vital conversations relevant to us all.

The connection to undergraduate education is paramount. Undergraduate courses that engage the theme are proposed and selected. Programming of interest to students and the public is chosen to complement these courses.

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The Themester process

Themester highlights the collective knowledge and creativity of College faculty while facilitating a cross-disciplinary exploration of ideas. Members of the faculty propose the topic, and once it is accepted by the Committee for Undergraduate Education, these faculty members serve as the Themester advisory committee.

Undergraduate interns serve on the advisory committee. They propose and organize events with student organizations, and help promote, implement, and document Themester over the length of its entirety each fall.

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