Active engagement across the curriculum

Courses are the heart of Themester. Each fall the College presents undergraduate courses that open the theme, engage with it, and promote cross-disciplinary inquiry.

As part of the liberal arts tradition, Themester courses encourage students to question critically, think logically, communicate clearly, act creatively, and live ethically. Students consistently report that Themester courses and events allow them to understand how topics can be approached from different perspectives. Themester challenges them to consider the complexity of a topic beyond their initial assumptions.

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Fitting Themester into your course of study

All Themester courses count toward graduation as elective credit, while some meet additional College, general education, major, or minor requirements.

You should consult with an academic advisor to learn how Themester courses count in your program of study.

If you find this year’s theme of particular interest you might consider delving more deeply into it to earn an individualized minor—you can use the Themester courses as a foundation.

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