Publicity Guidelines

Publicity for Themester events

If you’ve secured Themester funding or an in-kind partnership for your event, the College of Arts and Sciences will help publicize your event. Below are answers to questions about what Themester can do. If your question is not answered, please contact us.

The College of Arts and Sciences provides the following publicity:

  • Listing in program catalog, which will be electronically distributed to Themester faculty and published online
  • Listing of individual events on a printed monthly Themester calendar, which will be disseminated widely
  • Event listing on Themester website's calendar, linked from IU Events Calendar
  • Listing on “This Week in Themester” email, which is sent to thousands of people in the IU and Bloomington communities
  • Press release for general Themester activities
  • Press releases for individual events that have wide appeal to the general public
  • Mention on the Themester Facebook pageTwitter and other social media
  • Possible mention on the College of Arts and Sciences Facebook page
  • Possible mention on the College of Arts of Sciences homepage

You must note the Themester sponsorship or partnership in all your publicity efforts. Co-sponsoring departments and organizations are also responsible for:

  • Publicizing to your colleuges, networks, listservs, website, newsletters, and other avenues of communication
  • Posting your event on IU calendars and community calendars as appropriate. These include
  • Obtaining all relevant information and high resolution, print-quality photos/images and providing information for a press release for your event if it has wide appeal to the general public
  • Notifying Themester immediately if there are changes to your event’s date, time or description
  • Allowing the dissemination of general Themester handouts at your event
  • Identifying Themester as a partner in the event
  • Providing information for press releases for events that have wide appeal to the general public
    • Note about press releases: All information for your event must be in hand three weeks before you wish the release to be sent to media outlets. All IU news releases must be accompanied by a print-quality photograph or other appropriate image. If you are bringing a speaker to campus, please remember to request that they provide you with a print-quality photograph for the news release.

Non-IU organizations should work with the Themester office on event-specific wording to recognize Themester’s partnership.

Co-sponsoring IU departments/units should Include the Themester title lockup (logo) and/or the words: “This event sponsored by Themester 2022: Identity and Identification, an initiative of the IU College of Arts and Sciences” on flyers, posters, websites and printed program.

Consider the suggested standard wording for press releases:

This event is part of the College of Arts and Sciences’ semester-long initiative, “Themester 2022: Identity and Identification." Themester is a program that combines academic courses, public lectures and exhibits, film showings and other events and is intended to engage students and the entire community in a collective learning experience about a timely, even urgent, issue.

  • Day, date
  • Location
  • Time
  • Cost to attend or participate, if any
  • Event title, invited speaker, series name, etc.
  • Department/unit sponsors
  • Abstract of talk or description of event
  • Short bio of speaker, if applicable
  • Photo of speaker or something representative of event

The new IU Calendar allows for easy sharing across departments. We're happy to use your department's listing. Just choose Themester under "Sharing and Privacy" when you create or edit your event in Livewhale.

You may use images you find on the web only if you have permission of the copyright holder or if they are in the public domain and copyright-free. Fair use is a doctrine of copyright law that allows limited use of images for teaching, but University must err on the side of caution, especially for co-curricular events. See the Frequently asked questions about copyright.

Please contact for posters, postcards, or the monthly calendar listing.

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