Student Experience

An enriching experience

Themester is designed with a focus on undergraduates. Besides taking courses or attending events, undergraduates serve on the advisory committee with faculty members, propose and organize events with student organizations or under the mentorship of faculty members, and help promote and implement Themester as interns.

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My most recent short film was heavily informed by my Themester experience. The film embodies a lot of my newfound knowledge about labor. We do a lot of daily work in order to maintain our normal lifestyles, and there is a level of anxiety that surrounds our compulsion to upkeep our environments. I would not have stumbled upon this idea without the experiences I had with Themester.

Alexander Zorn, Themester 2015 intern, 2016 graduate
Jason Jackson

Something that I came to appreciate more fully this year was the way Themester succeeds at the small-scale high-quality end of the continuum, providing opportunities for exceptional undergraduates to get deeply and beneficially involved in Themester endeavors.

Jason Jackson, Director, Mathers Museum of World Cultures
Instagram cut out at the Majors expo
Framing beauty exhibit at an art gallery
Students meet outside