Themester 2020

Themester 2020 – Democracy

Coinciding with 2020 presidential election season and the commemoration of the ratification of the 19th amendment to the U.S. constitution in 1920, fall 2020 focused on democracy.

Since ancient Greece, the problem of how to “make democracy work” has challenged theorists and practitioners. Coinciding with Fall 2020’s U.S. presidential election, Themester’s Democracy focus engaged a global interdisciplinary debate at a critical moment. At no time since the 1930s has democracy been as challenged. Global optimism over democratic transitions has given way to contestation over minority rights, democratic back-sliding, and the rise of populism. These trajectories raise concerns about the potential for an intractable democratic crisis that will affect both younger democracies and established systems.

Themester 2020 advisory committee

Timothy Hellwig, Department of Political Science (Co-chair)
Regina Smyth, Department of Political Science (Co-chair)
AJ Boyd, undergraduate majoring in History and African American and African Diaspora Studies 
Maya Goldfarb, undergraduate majoring in English
Padraic Kenney, Department of History and Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies
Emily Metzgar, Media School (fall semester 2019)
Jason Peifer, Media School (spring/summer 2020)
Larry Moss, Department of Mathematics
Freya Thimsen, Department of English
Kate Wood, undergraduate majoring in Psychological and Brain Sciences