Themester 2010

Themester 2010 – sustain•ability: Thriving on a Small Planet

sustain•ability represents a place of reconciliation and synergy, occurring where economic, social, and environmental concerns are simultaneously met over the long term. Implementation of sustainability involves both the arts and the sciences to enhance human lives. Sustainability entails both social equity and respect for the biosphere and human cultures. It requires human creativity in all its dimensions to assure both current and potential thriving.

Our future depends on our ability to identify sustainable solutions—at local to global scales—to the many pressing challenges of the 21st century: from global climate change, dramatic loss of habitat and biodiversity, and displacements of people and new intersections of cultures, to pervasive pollution. We face dwindling supplies of fossil fuels, fresh water, and arable land, increasing vulnerability to natural disasters, and unstable economic systems associated with ever-widening gaps between the wealthy and poor. These realities will require collaboration across the physical and social sciences, the fine arts and humanities, the many professions, and all walks of life within the public and private sectors.

The Fall 2010 Themester will catalyze IUB’s emerging leadership in sustainability, providing students and faculty an opportunity to begin the interdisciplinary work needed to create sustainable communities locally and around the world, and creating an educational opportunity for undergraduates that they will carry far into the future.

Themester 2010 advisory committee

Michael Hamburger, Geology, chair
Jim Capshew, History and Philosophy of Science
Bill Brown, Office of Sustainability
Tom Evans, Geography
Heather Reynolds, Biology
Emilie Rex, Office of Sustainability
Jennifer Meta Robinson, Anthropology