Culture, the Arts, and Society: The Body and the Earth

CLLC-L 210 — Fall 2017 — Themester

hand holding a globe in its palm
Edmondson Hall (Collins Center) B01
Days and Times
11:15A-12:30P MW
Course Description

In what ways do we identify some bodies and places with ourselves and others as just that—“other”? This course examines the links between human bodies and environmental change in our new era of globalization. Through a combination of creative and critical inquiry, we will ask how writers and artists have imagined bodily relationships to the places they inhabit, especially in relation to forces of globalization and climate change. We will hear how mushrooms sold to Japan offer insights on feminism, unearth colonialism in Indiana gardens, and analyze panics about climate refugees. Our goal will be to come to an understanding of how bodies and places are not separate objects but in many ways continuous. It’s an idea, of course, that’s been recognized by various cultures for centuries. In this course, by way of literature and art from around the world, we’ll work to bring it back home.

Instructor: A. Chambers

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