Parks and Protected Areas: Conservation in Theory and Practice

ANTH-L 444 — Fall 2017 — Themester

Canyon and desert in the united states
Sarah Osterhoudt
Jordan Hall 440
Days and Times
2:30P-4:45P W
Course Description

From tropical rainforests, to urban playgrounds, parks and protected areas have long been used to promote environmental conservation and the protection of endangered species around the world. Yet, parks are also often sites of historical, political and cultural conflict. This course draws from examples from around the world, including Africa, Latin America, and the United States, to examine the social and cultural dimensions of parks and protected areas. Topics we will cover include cultural ideas of nature and wilderness, the “park versus people” debate, community-based conservation, ecotourism, and new, emerging models for conservation and development. ​By the end of the course, we will recognize how protected areas represent a collection not only of plants and animals, but also of meanings and social relationships.

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