Introduction to Studio Art: Exploring Remembering/ Forgetting through Art and Design

SOAD-N 110 — Fall 2019 — Themester

Days and Times
Multiple times available.
Course Description

What happens when we attempt to memorialize aspects of our personal or collective histories? Can objects stand in for memory? What can be achieved though the act of forgetting? How do technologies that augment memory also change what and how we remember?

With these questions as a starting point, students in this course will create two and three-dimensional works of art and design that explore the topic Remembering/ Forgetting.

Students will make drawings that consider the symbolic representation, or that integrate multiple moments of time in order to consider the non-linearity and instability of personal narratives. Students will use color and the abstract elements of design to directly link sensations with memories of past experiences. Working collaboratively, students will design works that reflect on the problems of memorializing, and that attempt to invent new ways of developing collective memories. Students will build forms out of discarded objects with embedded histories, and will consider the role of new and old technologies in how we remember events that we experience only indirectly.

Instructor: Martha MacLeish