Sex, Race, and Voting Rights

PACE-C 300 | HIST W-300 | POLS-Y 300 | GNDR-G 302 — Fall 2020 — Themester

Course Description

Why did it take a supposedly democratic nation until 1920 to grant women the right to vote? Why did securing the voting rights of African Americans take even longer? Why does voter suppression persist? Why did successive attempts to pass an equal rights amendment fail? What is the past, present, and future of women’s leadership?

This course, a collaboration between PACE, History, Political Science, and Gender Studies, explores these questions from a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. It features guest speakers from the IU campus and the Bloomington community. Joint-listed with HIST-W 300 (section 34563), POLS-Y 300 (section 34612) and GNDR-G 302 (section 34932), this course can be taken as any of these course numbers.

Instructors: Dr. Lisa-Marie Napoli (PACE)Dr. Wendy Gamber (History), Dr. Lauren MacLean (Political Science), and Stephanie Sanders (Gender Studies) 

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