Insights Toward Solving Environmental Problems

BIOL-L 104 — Fall 2021 — Themester

Ballantine Hall 146
Days and Times
10:00 AM–11:10 AM Tuesday and Thursday
Course Description

Addressing and preparing for environmental change requires knowledge about the environment but also must involve shifting the actions of humans.In this course, we develop student’s capacity to be leaders in addressing environmental problems. Specifically, students will learn to see environmental issues as complex social-ecological systems issues; exploring what drives human’s behavior, the factors shaping the health and responses of ecosystems and working to discover the connections between humans and their environments. Students will emerge as socio-ecological thinkers.

This course fulfils a GenEd N&M and a CASE N&M.
This course number is shared by multiple titles/sections; choose section 40760 for this course title.

Credit given for only one of the following: BIOL-E 112, H 111, L 100, L 104, L 112, Q 201.

Instructors: Dr. Matthew Houser and Dr. Jen Lau

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