Avian Conservation: Environmental Change and Resilience

BIOL-L 410 — Fall 2021 — Themester

Ballantine Hall 206
Days and Times
1:10P-2:25P Tuesday and Thursday
Course Description

North America has 3 billion fewer birds than it did 50 years ago, and the downward trends continue. This course will enable you to comprehend the magnitude of the problem and why it should be of concern to you regardless of your prior interest in birds. We will learn how birds provide us with services large and small from pollination of crops to cleaning up road kill. We will address reasons for their decline and potential solutions to the problem. We will also address what individuals and communities can do to reverse the losses.

This course can be used toward the Evolutionary/Ecological Perspectives requirement for the Animal Behavior minor. This course meets with ABEH-A 401 and BIOL-Z 620. Prerequisites: BIOL-L 113; BIOL-L 211 or BIOL-S 211. Students without L211 or L113 may contact biougrad@indiana.edu for permission to enroll.

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Instructor: Dr. Ellen Ketterson

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