Language Hotspots and Biodiversity

COLL-C 104 — Fall 2021 — Themester

Woodburn 004 (as of 3/12/2021)
Days and Times
11:30A-12:45P Tuesday and Thursday
Course Description

This course examines the links between cultural diversity and biodiversity in the context of the current global experience of large-scale ecosystem destruction. Language hotspots, which are regions that contain a multiplicity of endangered languages, overlap significantly with biodiversity hotspots, similarly defined in terms of a multiplicity of threatened species. We will engage in comparative study of current projects either initiated or managed by indigenous communities that promote resilience in ways that connect language revitalization and biodiversity conservation.

This course fulfills GenEd S&H, CASE S&H, and CASE Critical Approaches.
This course number contains multiple sections and titles. Choose section 16623.
Credit give only for one of COLL-C 104 or COLL-S 104

Instructor: Dr. David Stringer

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