COLL-S 105 The Psychology of College Life: Stress and Wellness, Risk and Resilience

COLL-S 105 — IFS Summer 2021 — Themester

Course Description

Studying for exams, avoiding the "freshman fifteen," navigating the alcohol thing, roommates, dating and hook-upsthese and other issues are a background reality of college life, and psychology can help. Maybe students had psychology in high school, maybe they didn't, but in any case, this course is about the science of psychology, and research applications, oriented around student life. In this class students will do as they learn-take a number of self-tests and inventories, develop a wellness plan, participate in demonstrations, tour the campus, as well as some labs in the psychology department, and work in teams developing a presentation using psychological research to address a common student concern. Class time will be spent in lecture, demonstrations, self-assessment, group discussion, and project development and presentation.

The seminar is designed to develop an appreciation of psychology, and to survey some of the research findings in the psychological literature that have applications for daily student life. In addition to the course content, students will get a jump-start on college life, from the basics of using a syllabus, completing assignments with campus resources, learning about what the campus has to offer related to health and wellness and academic success, while developing research and computing skills in a collaborative learning environment.

Topics include:

  • This is Your Brain on College: Sugar, Alcohol, Caffeine, Nicotine, Addiction
  • Study Effectively: Learning, Memory, Cognition
  • Group Living: Personality, Attitudes, Social Influence
  • Wellness: Motivation/Drives, Stress and Coping
  • Dating

Students will finish the class with an understanding of psychology, an appreciation of this fascinating science, an understanding of the utility of applications of research findings to our lives, and a plan for success for their freshman year on campus.

Instructor: Dr. Lisa Thomassen