The Anthropology of Citizenship

ANTH-E 400 — Fall 2022 — Themester

Days and Times
TuTh 11:30 AM–12:45 PM
Course Description

This course will examine citizenship as a growing focus of anthropological concern, attending to how it shapes everyday life, experiences of inclusion and exclusion, and bases for community formation.  We will study how people experience citizenship as a critical part of their national and/or transnational identities and what happens when citizenship is changed or denied.  Through attention to the places and processes through which citizenship is produced and reinforced (for instance, border crossings and checkpoints, identity cards and passports, voting, immigrating, seeking a job, or marrying), we will explore various approaches to citizenship as a bundle of rights, responsibilities, and practices.  Adopting a global perspective, the course will use citizenship as a lens through which to understand the range of national and transnational identities emerging in the world today, together with the institutions and laws that both enable and constrain them. The course will include a required service-learning component. This course meets with ANTH-E 600 and CULS-C 701.

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Instructor: Dr. Sara Friedman

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