Sociolinguistics, Identity, and Performance in Spanish Speech

HISP-S 495 — Fall 2022 — Themester

Days and Times
TuTh 9:45 AM–11:00 AM
Course Description

This course explores linguistic variation in the Spanish language related to identity and identifying of self and others through sound patterns, lexical choices, and morpho-syntactic variables.

The course will begin with a review of sociolinguistic variation and research into linguistic identity (what features are associated with particular dialects and sociolinguistic groups) and a related topic of linguistic insecurity. We will then move to published research that explores audience design (speech patterns directed to a particular target audience). Another topic will be linguistic performance (speech patterns that adhere to a specific form or forms) regardless of the speech or identity of the listener. We will explore musical performance that follows genre-specific linguistic practices irrespective of the performer or listeners’ identity. We will also explore speech that seeks to express identity or association with specific linguistic communities. We will conclude with Spanish language learners and acquisition of dialectal variants that suggest a learner adopted Spanish identity.

Multiple course titles or topics are listed under this course number. Choose section 13307 with E. Willis. Prerequisite: HISP-S 326.

Instructor: Erik Willis