Human Dilemmas: Genetics and Eugenics

HUBI-B 300 — Fall 2022 — Themester

Days and Times
TuTh 1:15 PM–2:30 PM (lecture); discussion at various times
Course Description

This course examines the foundational principles of genetics and the controversial history of eugenics -- the social philosophy and scientific practices that define human worth in terms of genetic fitness. Eugenic practices included Nativist anti-immigrant legislation, marriage restriction laws, eugenic segregation laws, and compulsory sexual sterilization. Now, developments in genetic mapping and reproductive technologies are creating resurgent scientific and moral interest in the topic.

Class notes: Class open to majors only. HUBI minors email for permission to enroll. There is more than one course with this course number. Choose class number 7152 with instructor Andrew Libby. Prerequisite: HUBI-B 200 or HUBI-S 200.

Instructor: Dr. Andrew Libby and Dr. Jennifer Cullin

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