Design Internship

The Themester design intern will be required to put in approximately 3-4 hours of work each week for the College’s Director of Academic Initiatives. The intern’s responsibilities will be to create ads, programs and flyers for Themester programs. The intern should be able to work well with others as he/she might collaborate with other interns on the creation of materials.


The Themester internship is a paid internship with an hourly rate of $10.15 an hour.


Prepare a cover letter, resume, and a link to a portfolio of 5 of your best designs. (Students just starting their portfolio are encouraged to mock up a design based on a past Themester event.) Please do not email digital images.

Alternately, portfolios can be submitted on CD to:

Themester at the College
Owen Hall

Application deadline for spring/summer 2020: February 15

Apply for the internship