Meet Kate Rowold

Kate Rowold is a leading expert in the social and aesthetic history of Western fashion. A professor in the Fashion Design and Culture group of the new School of Art + Design at IU Bloomington, she teaches courses in fashion design and theory, the history of dress, and the history of fashion. Rowold is curator of IU's Sage Collection, one of the nation's premier collections of historical and contemporary clothing, accessories, and educational fashion resources.

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Faculty guests: Roger Hangarter, Jason Jackson, Ellen MacKay, Catherine Pilachowski, Kate Rowold, Eric Sandweiss and Betsy Stirratt; host Claire Repsholdt; editor and producer Jon Pieczynski; John Lucaites, associate dean for Arts and Humanities and Undergraduate Education; Tracy Bee, director of Academic Initiatives, College of Arts and Sciences; Themester 2016 Faculty Advisory Committee; The College of Arts + Sciences, Indiana University Bloomington.