Remembering and Forgetting Podcast Playlist

Memory in Motion

Liz Shea, director of the Contemporary Dance Program here at Indiana University, discusses somatic dance and how to use dance to train memory.

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Dr. Cara Wellman studies stress. On this episode she discusses the effect stress has on memory and the brain and tips dealing with stress.

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Making a Nation

Historian Dr. Alex Lichtenstein discusses what parts of history we remember, why, and the importance of asking about the past.

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Living with Ghosts

Historian Dr. Mark Roseman discusses his extensive research on the Holocaust and other genocides. He explains that tragedies like this are more relevant today than many of us might like to admit.

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Shrouded in Memory

Dr. Rich Shiffrin, head of Indiana University's Memory and Perception Laboratory, speaks about his storied career and what questions remain about our own brains. Spoiler alert: there’s a lot of them.

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Good Mourning

Dr. Robert Dobler talks about the myriad ways that we grieve. He describes how we can see shrines and altars all around us from vinyl records to Facebook posts.

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