Course Development Grants

Themester 2019: Remembering and Forgetting

Fall 2019's Themester is "Remembering and Forgetting."  There are two course development funding opportunities for courses to be developed during the summer of 2018 and offered during fall 2019:

  1. Themester grants. Three course development grants of $2,000 each are available to all College faculty members for Themester 2019: Remembering and Forgetting.
  2. Indiana University Bicentennial grants: Themester 2019 will complement and coincide with the Indiana University Bicentennial Celebratory Year 2019-2020. The Bicentennial Office offers additional grants of $3,000 each for development of courses that fit both projects.

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Proposal Requirements for Course Development Grants

Successful course development proposals

  • can be from any discipline in the College;
  • must be proposed by a College faculty member; 
  • must lead to the course being offered by a department or program in the College during Fall 2019;
  • must be new or a substantial reimagining of an old course;
  • must not require any prerequisites;
  • will receive final review by the Themester committee before inclusion in the Themester 2019 list of courses; and
  • must lead to a completed course that integrates into the Themester curriculum and is flexible enough to utilize the Themester 2019 co-curriculum (activities such as plays, panel discussions, and film screenings), which will be proposed and developed by College colleagues and others in spring of 2019. 

Contacts and Timeline

Submit proposal to: by May 21, 2018.  Grants winners will be named by early June and will receive funds in their faculty research account in October 2018 after a first-draft course syllabus has been submitted to the Themester committee. A call for existing courses to be offered during fall 2019 will go out shortly.