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Themester 2021: Resilience

In Fall 2021, the College will showcase undergraduate courses related to the theme "Resilience." A variety of fall events, including lectures, panel discussions, films, theatre productions, and art exhibits, will complement these offerings. A programming call for these activities will go out after the preliminary course list has been established.

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How to submit a course

Course  submissions for fall 2021's "Resilience" should include the following:

  1. an introduction explaining how the course fits the theme or would be framed to do so, with an explanation of how the assigned material represents a variety of viewpoints or diverse sources of expertise.
  2. a syllabus (preferred) or  substantial description or outline of the class with learning outcomes, and 
  3. an 80-word course description that we can use for promotion to students. The description should briefly touch on how the course relates to the theme.

Types of courses: Themester showcases the teaching and scholarship of the College of Arts and Sciences. Existing undergraduate courses are welcome, especially those that consider the challenges and opportunities that diversity presents in pluralistic societies such as the United States and others.

Sometimes departments choose to offer a relevant spring course in the fall. Many College departments also allow new curriculum to be tried with a revolving topics course ( “Topics in ….”). Interested faculty members should talk with their department chair and work within their department’s needs; the College cannot contract for courses above and beyond your regular load.

Deadline: Please upload course proposals as one combined pdf or Word document online by the priority deadline, October 15. Courses will be accepted until February 3.

Once a working list of Themester 2021 courses has been established, it will guide early programming decisions, including Themester's proposal for a film series at IU Cinema.

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